Palmerstown House Wedding – Mary & Evan

palmerstown house wedding photographer ireland

Its gorgeous grounds and spectacular setting mean a Palmerstown House Wedding is always a beautiful one. What made this day extra special was the unique and honest love of a couple, surrounded by friends and family, enjoying one of the best days of their life together.

This was a Wedding that had everything. Raw emotion, stunning details, a dress to die for, music, poetry, lots of amazing food and drink, and to end the night a wild dance-floor. We were fortunate enough to have a second day evening with one of the most memorable sunsets of the year, and no Palmerstown House Wedding is complete without a dance on the roof.

We were covering both Mary and Evan’s morning preparations, and as usual the tempos of the two locations were vastly different.  Up at a silly hour for a quick workout while his Groomsmen slumbered on, we grabbed some shots of Evan’s preparations while the snores rang through the morning air. When the groomsmen started to lurch awake like zombies after a night out, it was time to dash off to the sanctuary of the Bridal prep.

At Mary’s parents beautiful Meath house, there was an operation underway. Hair and Make-up, breakfast, filming your own wedding dress, stories for the kids, it was busy wonderful house. Stepping inside and getting to document the little things was amazing. The dress is a standout piece, a gorgeous boho delight from Willow by Watters (their work is amazing). The look on Mary’s fathers face when he saw her for the first time was repeated many times during the day.

I love shooting a first look, the honesty and love that pours out in such a quiet personal moment is a photographers dream.

palmerstown house wedding

The binding force of this day was a strong personal connection. This was especially evident in the Ceremony, which took place in the main house at Palmerstown. Each element of the ceremony meant something to the couple. Mary’s Dad wowed the room with a beautiful song, the Groom himself took the guitar and mic to sing to friends and family. Speeches and Poems by both Mothers and close friends brought many to tears, and a myriad of other personal touches really made it a special occasion.

Afterwards we went for a quick walk around the fantastic Palmerstown grounds, and got some really joyful and spontaneous couple photos, capturing the two of them in their element. We came back again for a second evening to get that dreamy sunset, and we are delighted that we did! This Palmerstown House Wedding was one to remember, and we were excited to get up on the roof and experience the magical evening in all it’s glory.

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